Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a Day!

So all night I had the worst case of heartburn. I tried all my usual remedies but nothing seemed to work. I finally was up and out of bed at 4:30am hoping it would go away. I watched an hour of TV and was so frustrated because my alarm was set to go off at 6:00am for work. I laid down again at 5:30 hoping to get a little more shut such luck. The pain was too unbearable to lay down. Then all the sudden my heartburn was gone. However now it was time for me to go to work. Josh convinced me there was no way I could go to work and function off of 4 hours of sleep. So I called work and told them I'd be in a little late. No big deal. Then 8:00 am came and I wake up to Hannah telling me her belly hurts. Next thing I know we're running to the bathroom and she's yacking in the toilet. Anyone who knows me knows I have the worst gag then I was running to the other bathroom. Yes I know I am a sympathetic thrower upper! So now I'm calling work to tell them that my daughter is sick and I'm taking the day off. They are probably thinking I'm a big liar. But like I really care. So now I'm playing the nurse. Its the worst feeling when your kids are sick. I just want to make it all go away and make her feel better. Surprisingly and thankfully no more gag reflux for me! So like I titled this "What a Day" and its only 12:30pm.


Travelin' Tracy said...

There is something about getting sick and finding your mom. When I was on the cruise I almost called my mom's room in the middle of the night. I don't know why, for comfort maybe?

The funny thing is that my sister got motion sickness the next night and threw up. She called my mom! Haha...I hope Hannah feels better and that it does not spread to the rest of the family!

Muriel and Jerry said...

I hope the kids are both feeling better. I know how much it stinks when they are sick. Marshall looks so big now. Are you going on vacation? No fair.