Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Video's

Snow Video's

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Day!

We had our first big snow on Wednesday. We got about 4 inches. We couldn't wait to see Marshall's reaction since this was really his first experience with the white stuff!Hannah really wanted to be a helper and pull Marshall on the sled.
Hannah loved the snow.

Marshall was loving it until he saw me with the camera.
What a hotty!
This was a little creativity on Daddy's part!

Then we went inside for some "Hot Chocolate".


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Parenting Moment!

This is one of those moments that is so classic!

Christmas Day at the Case's!

So after we opened presents at our house we went over to Josh's parents house and opened MORE presents. Chris and Ashley gave Josh a picture of him with his favorite baseball player Cal Ripken Jr.
This is a picture of 3 generations of Case's given to Grandpa by us.
Marshall, Josh, and his Dad all when they were about 4 months old.
This was a tear jerker for sure.

Josh was so tired from all the work of unwrapping presents.

Hannah and Chris having a "Sunny and Cher" moment.

Chris and Marshall
Of course a Christmas sweater!
Josh's stocking stuffers!
This is a bowl we got for Chris and Ashley it was from their wedding registry.
How do you wrap a bowl? Just like that!

Christmas Morning at our house!

For the first time, Hannah snook downstairs Christmas morning to peak at her presents! When she realized she got what she asked Santa for she came upstairs so excited and told Josh and I. She was busted! It was so cute to see her reaction and I must say a part of me was proud of her for being like every other inquisitive child. These are the moments that I love! Santa put a Tinker Bell umbrella in Hannah's stocking.
Marshall loved his first Christmas! Santa was good to him.
Baseball Baby!
Hannah was a natural playing her first V-tech video game.
Marshall and Daddy getting ready to throw the football!

SANTA....I know him!!

Our Official Santa Picture!
The kids did great!

Christmas Eve Festivities!

We had a gathering out our home on Christmas Eve. We had Grandma Sher and Grandpa, Chris & Ashley, and Cherie & Nick. We had tons of food and yummy treats.
Hannah was so excited to wear her pretty Christmas dress and twirl in it.
Ashley, Chris, and Grandma Sher snuggling on the sofa.
Nick was such a good sport and read Hannah a Christmas Story.

Grandma Sher and Cherie enjoying the Festivities.
Our Entertainment for the evening. A jam session in my living room. They played all sorts of fun songs.

Jenny was waiting for Marshall to drop his Cheerio's so she could have a snack.
Marshall's First Christmas...I think he likes it.