Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bon Voyage!!

Hannah is such a little lady.

I love that big smile.

We are so lucky to have 2 great children! They are everything to us! It's the best feeling in the world to be a Mom and have a family!

We are on our way to Massachusettes...in.....18 hours! Yeah!!! All the preparation was worth it. However, we did not get a new car yet! We are hoping to either while on vacation or when we get back. Why on vacation you say? Because it we will be gone over Labor Day weekend and we know there will be sales and major incentives so we are open to anything.We've done some test driving and I really like the Saturn Outlook, and the GMC Acadia. It is a lot of work to buy a car making sure you are not getting ripped off.

So packing today and then bon voyage! I thought I should post a few pics so Grandma and Papa and all extended family can see the kids!

Hope you enjoy and please don't be shy ...please make comments they are fun to share with Hannah and Josh.
Relax and enjoy the holiday....I know I will.

Friday, August 24, 2007

So much to do...so little time!

So.....where do I start? We leave for our road trip to Mass. on Wednesday and we are considering buying a new car before the trek Josh and I can not decide on the car. We definitly want bigger. We currently drive a Jeep Liberty Renegade which we love! It has been such a great car. We just need more space. We have been looking at the crossovers which are all very spacious. The Chrylser Pacifica, Saturn's Outlook, The GMC Acadia, The Buick's Enclave....and many more. I like them all but I just feel so confused about whether we really need a new car or if we are just experiencing a few growing pains. I think about how Europeans drive the smallest cars and don't need these ginormous vehicles...why do we? Granted car seats are a big factor...I mean Hannah sits behind me in the car and is constantly kicking the back of my seat. Not much leg room. We will be out dealing with the vultures tomorrow.

So that's just one thing on my list....
Then there's packing, cleaning the house because my Dad is coming to house/pet sit for us, Work my normal job, look for a new job(another story), and be a MOM!!!(that's my favorite part).

I also must say I can't wait for our trip. Its like the anticipation of Christmas. It brings our family so much joy to be near our extended family and enjoy their company.

FYI: Marshall is doing much better with solids.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Marshall is trying so hard to be a big boy by eating his cereal w/ applesauce.I know what your thinking....he wears it so well!
I guess he would rather eat his toes!

Today was another failed attempt to feed Marshall solids. Up until now he was only being breast-fed and now he needs more, so I have made a few attempts with rice cereal and some other baby food. He isn't quite getting it. It ends up all over his face and hands. Anyone have any advise?
I couldn't resist to take some pictures of this messy moment.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let the countdown begin!

Hannah loves the Festa because she likes to dance when the band plays. She also loves the rides!

These pictures are of the the church grounds, just to give you an idea of how crowded it can be. These are taken from the back porch to show you that we have great access to the event. (These pictures are from last year)

We are off to Grandma Jean's house in 9 days. We go to this small town in Massachusettes every labor day weekend. That is where Josh's side of the family is from. They are blessed to have Portuguese heritage. Josh's Grandfather (Grandpa Jessie) who is now deceased was from Portugal. His family immigrated here 75 years ago. They got off the ship and settled right there in that small portuguese community and never moved once. He owned and ran a TV/repair shop. His basement is full of old TV equipment and invoices from th 60's. Its pretty incredible that he was able to move here to America and live the dream. He married his neighborhood sweetheart..and had 4 beautiful daughters. He was an amazing man. Not many words but when he did speak he was very funny and had the BEST sense of humor! He had such an impact on my honey. He spoke to Josh in Portuguese and tried to keep the culture in him. Josh really embraces that side of his heritage. Grandma Jean is so cute we call her "peppy" because once she was pulled over for speeding and she told the police officer its because her car is so peppy. She is such a fun, warm, loving, and hillarious woman.

We go up once a year for the FESTA. Its a Portuguese fesival that ( Ibeleive , not totally sure)is based on a religious experience. In Portugal, in the early 1900's, they say 3 little children saw Mary and that was a miracle. So the celebration is in honor of that event. Its held on the church grounds of a church called "Our Lady of Fatima". The church grounds are right behind Josh's Grandparents house. The festival includes carnival rides, Portuguese music "Live", great authentic food, and you feel like your in another country because everyone speaks Portuguese. All announcements and even the outdoor mass is all spoken in Portuguese.

Its a really amazing place and I feel so lucky to be apart of this family. Its essentially a family reunion because everyone comes. As far as California, Oregon, and us in Virginia. Its nice to embrace your roots and feel apart of a community like that. We look forward to it like it was Christmas. We can hardly wait. Plus this will be everyone's first time meeting Marshall....very exciting!

So let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So I have to laugh at myself because today was one of those "blonde days" you could say. I work at a Marriott near DC by a very popular concert arena. I was at work today and a bunch of raggedy somewhat aged looking men with bad hair and torn up jeans were hanging out in my lobby. They kept asking me for this and that so I was put off by all of their demands. They wanted to know where the nearest Starbucks was and I was trying to give them directions when one guy caught a glimpse at my name tag and was like "oh your name is Melissa"....I smiled and then he said "Are you sweet"? I was like," what? Gross! Old men flirting with me." Anyways they kept talking about the band and all the equipment and stuff. I thought they were just a bunch of wanna bees with bad hair. After the guys left my front desk for like the 5th time I looked at my boss and said "I bet they can't even play and that they probably stink." My boss was like, "Melissa, that's not just some band that's the Allman Brothers". I was like get out! My husband loves them he downloaded a song called "Melissa" by them. All the sudden I figured out what they meant by their earlier comment about..."are you sweet?" Part of the song is sweet Melissa...I'm such a moron. When I told my husband he was cracking up. He said he was going to make me listen to the song "Melissa" everyday. Go ahead and laugh! Its ok! I am!

Have a great day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Going to the County Fair

We had a great time this weekend because we spent a day at the County Fair. I was able to get free tickets from work that included an all day pass for rides. Hannah couldn't have been happier! We started the day checking out the livestock. The cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. It was fun for Hannah, she was able to pet some of the animals. We enjoyed a bluegrass show....and then the RIDES!!!! Hannah was begging from the time we entered "now can we go on some rides?" The anticipation killed her. All in all we had a great time. Good food (funnel cake of course) and Good fun!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Late Again!

When I got to work, I was over an hour late and was met by my 2 Superiors who asked me to come in their office (head hanging down). I knew what was to come. I was scolded and told that they were a little disappointed in me. I apologized and did what any other person does.....I blamed my husband. After all it was his fault. He was running behind which in turn caused me to run behind. My boss's recommend that I get a babysitter that is reliable and can help out in times like this. You know what I was thinking? Are they paying or am I gonna get a raise that would cover this cost? In all seriousness though... I love my job and I don't want to disappoint my team. I need the benefits and the extra cash...for hobbies. So, I will have to consult with my honey about this sticky situation. I don't want to be late ever again!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Book Club!

So I joined a book club about a year ago and how many books have I read you ask? Not one! I am so bad. I still go to the gatherings and just listen to everyone and end up thinking to myself I should've read that book. I am just too busy and I guess the time I could be reading I am blogging and reading other blogs. So I guess I am reading but just in a different format. Anyways I have book club tonight and I of course didn't read it. The book is called The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is supposed to be really good...my sister is the one who chose it. Oh well! Maybe I can see the movie when it comes out...haha! Anyways, I just got home from work another great day! I love my job no stress and not much responsability. Just the way I want it. I have too much on my plate at home that it makes it nice that I can atleast enjoy my job while I am at work. The best part of my day is when I get home and get to be with my husband and kids. I need to go spend time with the kiddies before I go to book club. So this is me signing off! Peace Out!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time Management

I always have time to enjoy my two wonderful children! I am so blessed.

Time Management is something I struggle with. I find myself always rushing and trying to meet deadlines. I am the type of person who needs to have some down time everyday just forME. I use this to eitherunwind or prepare for my hectic day. My ideal routine would be soemthing like this......
8am- go to the gym(my intentions are good)

10 am- run errands ie; grocery shop, bank drops, anything related to running our business and household.

12 pm- lunch either home or out...usually out:)

1:30 pm- kids down for nap or quiet time...my time!

3:00 pm- I leave for work(3 days a week) or I am home cleaning and doing laundry.

5:00 pm- start preparing dinner, figure out what to make.

6:00 pm- The honey(Josh) comes home from work, dinner time.

7:00 pm- Family time; reading, playing, watching TV together.

8:00 pm - baths for kids
8:30 pm- bed time for kids
8:45 pm- Josh and I are alone!!!!!( Hopefully with no interruptions)

10:00 pm- Quick tidy of the house.

11:00 pm- Sweet Dreams
This would be my dream schedule! Now I just have to make it happen. That means at this point in my day I am way behind schedule. I am heading out to run errands in about 20 minutes. That is where I will start today. The good news is I have the day off from the Marriott for the next 2 days! I can play catch up and get to the things done that I have neglected. I will post more later because I'm sure I will have something to say.....perhaps? Let the fun begin!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Round 2!

We are from the DC area!
This is our last family picture that we have! Marshall was still cooking at this time! This is a picture of the Case family. Grandma Jean was able to join us from Massachusettes. Chris and Ashley from Connecticut. We really need a current picture.
This is our darling daughter Hannah....age 3 1/2!
Josh and our newest edition.. Marshall.
This is Marshall dressed in his Sunday best!...4 months.

Let's try this again! I created a blog about 2 years ago and was unable or should I say unmotivated to keep it updated. I thought back then my life was uneventful and not much to talk about. Now I have 2 kids, a dog, a full time job, and not enough time to shave my legs. So why am I making another attempt? I really enjoy reading other blogs and thought I would benefit from getting the creative juices flowing and being able to vent here and there. My shrink did say I need to talk about my feelings and not keep them all bottled up. So here we are.

I really have nothing to rant and rave about today! However I do have a lot to brag about... I have a great life! I'm blessed with an amazing husband who I had the gift of knowing and dating since I was a Junior in High School. In a way we grew up together. One of the joys we have is that we can share so many memories. We love to reminisce about the good old days. We were married on June 22nd 2001. Life was great. Then a little over 2 years later we had our first child...Hannah Marie. Then we were recently blessed with our 2nd child...Marshall Camden. It is such a pleasure and honor to be a Mom. It's really all I've ever wanted! To be a wife and mother.