Friday, August 24, 2007

So much to little time!

So.....where do I start? We leave for our road trip to Mass. on Wednesday and we are considering buying a new car before the trek Josh and I can not decide on the car. We definitly want bigger. We currently drive a Jeep Liberty Renegade which we love! It has been such a great car. We just need more space. We have been looking at the crossovers which are all very spacious. The Chrylser Pacifica, Saturn's Outlook, The GMC Acadia, The Buick's Enclave....and many more. I like them all but I just feel so confused about whether we really need a new car or if we are just experiencing a few growing pains. I think about how Europeans drive the smallest cars and don't need these ginormous vehicles...why do we? Granted car seats are a big factor...I mean Hannah sits behind me in the car and is constantly kicking the back of my seat. Not much leg room. We will be out dealing with the vultures tomorrow.

So that's just one thing on my list....
Then there's packing, cleaning the house because my Dad is coming to house/pet sit for us, Work my normal job, look for a new job(another story), and be a MOM!!!(that's my favorite part).

I also must say I can't wait for our trip. Its like the anticipation of Christmas. It brings our family so much joy to be near our extended family and enjoy their company.

FYI: Marshall is doing much better with solids.


Muriel Elrod said...

A new job? What? I hope everything is ok! I love having a big car. I know gas guzzeling is bad and all but I love my Envoy.