Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're Back!!!

So we've actually been home for weeks but you know....I am a procrastinator. We went to Sweet Home Alabma for my baby brother's big day. He and his wife Hannah tied the knot. The trip was great. I was a little tired because I had just gotten back from training in Myrtle Beach. Sorry no pictures I left the camera at home...but let me tell you the Hotel I stayed at was so nice. I had a great view of the ocean from my room on the 8th floor. Anyways needless to say I was pretty exhausted from the trip. I got home just in time to do laundry and pack for the trek to Bama! The kids were great on the drive. We made a gazillion stops just to break it up. First stop was Blacksburg,VA home of the VT Hokies. (Josh's Alma Mater) We haven't been down there since the tragedy a little over a year ago. We wanted to see the monument on campus and hit the book store for VT paraphernalia. We then continued on to Knoxville,TN for our first nights slumber. We checked into a lovely Marriott where we were given the last room in the house. It was a handicap accessible room with a roll in shower and someone else's belongings! Yeah our room was dirty. I called and had Housekeeping up to clean the room. Very disappointing. Marriott is better than that...for the most part. We slept in since we didn't close our eyes until after midnight. Again, my kids so good. Hannah loves Hotels! It is such a treat for her.

Back on the road to our final destination...Huntsville AL! But wait we have top stop and look at Fireworks! There are so many Fireworks stores you can't even count em. We didn't buy any just browsing.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Huntsville another lovely Marriott. My perks rock! we had just enough time to freshen up and get to Mom and Dad's for the rehearsal dinner. Here is where I met Hannah my new sister in law, and Jenn also my new sister in law. My brother's have found themselves true southern bells! So cute! Both of them were so warm and endearing. I have to say I love them because they are just so great. I am happy that they are apart of our family!

Alabama was a packed few days. The Wedding and Reception were fantastic. The humidity not so much! I will post pictures rather than blab about them. Isn't Hannah a beautiful Bride and my Brother is very handsome. We were happy we made the trip to share that great day!

Our trip home was fun too. We stopped in Chatanooga, TN. Who knew that was such a great little city. So family friendly and really quite cute. We were able to go downtown and walk around the park right in the middle of downtown. Hannah played in a fountain and we just had a lot of fun!

On the last part of the trip home we stopped at another fireworks stand this time we bought some. Yeah!! The 4th is gonna be great!

Thats all for now here are some picks to show our trip.