Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time Management

I always have time to enjoy my two wonderful children! I am so blessed.

Time Management is something I struggle with. I find myself always rushing and trying to meet deadlines. I am the type of person who needs to have some down time everyday just forME. I use this to eitherunwind or prepare for my hectic day. My ideal routine would be soemthing like this......
8am- go to the gym(my intentions are good)

10 am- run errands ie; grocery shop, bank drops, anything related to running our business and household.

12 pm- lunch either home or out...usually out:)

1:30 pm- kids down for nap or quiet time...my time!

3:00 pm- I leave for work(3 days a week) or I am home cleaning and doing laundry.

5:00 pm- start preparing dinner, figure out what to make.

6:00 pm- The honey(Josh) comes home from work, dinner time.

7:00 pm- Family time; reading, playing, watching TV together.

8:00 pm - baths for kids
8:30 pm- bed time for kids
8:45 pm- Josh and I are alone!!!!!( Hopefully with no interruptions)

10:00 pm- Quick tidy of the house.

11:00 pm- Sweet Dreams
This would be my dream schedule! Now I just have to make it happen. That means at this point in my day I am way behind schedule. I am heading out to run errands in about 20 minutes. That is where I will start today. The good news is I have the day off from the Marriott for the next 2 days! I can play catch up and get to the things done that I have neglected. I will post more later because I'm sure I will have something to say.....perhaps? Let the fun begin!


Muriel Elrod said...

Okay, the picture of the two kids together is so cute. I love Marshall's chunky monkey legs. Sooo cute.