Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm a Soccer Mom!

Hannah had her first Soccer game on Saturday. This is the first time she's ever played on a sports team. We are very proud of her even though she was overcome by fear at the game. The first half of the game she was too scared and a little confused. But once she was formally introduced to her teammate Bethany she was ready to play. She mostly chased Bethany which was fine because Bethany was chasing the ball. It looked like Hannah new what she was doing! With a little more practice and experience I think she will be an awesome soccer player. As a side note, when some of our friends heard Hannah was gonna be playing soccer they teased us and said "its sliced oranges for you now"! And wouldn't you know her first snack after the game was sliced oranges! Ha ha!!


Cluff Family said...

What fun pictures. Soccer is really fun! Kennedy has played for a few years and Parker gets to start this fall. I can't wait! Our babies are getting to big too fast! Keep in touch! I love your blog!!!

Hannah said...

hey girly! this is your new sister... or soon to be, i just wanted to let you know i have a blog now:) can't wait to see you and those beautiful kids!