Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playdate with the John's Family!

Our dear friend's David and Heather, who we've known for many years, invited us to their new beautiful home. They have a brand new house that is gorgeous to say the least. I pretty much walked around in envy. They have a cute little baby girl named Haley who is a little younger than Marshall. However, Haley is walking and is very smart. Not that Marshall isn't smart...he's just not walking yet. Which is fine by me, I am in no hurry to have a little toddler. We had such a good time with them. Here are some pictures of the time we spent there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentime's Day!

According to Hannah it was Valentime's Day!
Today was a fun day! Hannah had a great day at pre-school where they all gave eachother Valentine's day cards. I was so proud of her because she signed all the cards all by herself. She has very nice handwriting so far. She also made me the cutest Valentine Card.
Josh and I don't typically celebrate Valentine's Day. But today I was surprised when I got home...I had received a dozen long stem red roses and the sweetest card. It was so lovely and thoughtful of him. I really enjoyed today and I felt very loved! I hope everyone else had a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Long time no post!

I know its been awhile for a new post. I guess I have been a little busy. I recently changed my schedule and after 3 years of working nights 3pm-11pm. I am now working the day shift 7am-3pm. Its been a hard adjustment for me (mornings aren't my best time)! The kids on the other hand are loving life. My dear friend Stacy is watching the kids for me while I'm at work and they both love her. She has a huge house with tons of toys and freedom to run and play. Stacy has 3 kids, Bryson (8) Carsen (4) and Ella (3) the younger 2 are at home during the day and are a perfect match for Hannah. They love Marshall even though he's still a little young for them. Everyday that I've picked up the kids Hannah doesn't want to come home, thats how much fun its been for her. I have to say being a working Mom is probably the hardest challenge I've had so far in my life. I would give anything to be a full time stay at home Mom. Its just not feasible for us right now. I know its hard for Josh too. For several years we've worked alternating schedules to care for the kids but we have come to realize how much we missed each other. It really has been nice to sit down and have dinner together and have family time besides on the weekends. I know in time it will get easier...and this too shall pass. I'll just have to be patient. Its worth it family means everything to me.